Benefits of an Energy Audit

The benefits of an energy audit are real…and often staggering.


Energy Audits of Chicagoland will identify the solutions you need…and also those that do NOT fit your needs. For example, perhaps new windows have a longer payback period than is acceptable given the time you expect to live in your home. We will tell you exactly the payback period and savings for each improvement suggested in your home.

“Sometimes the money you save is the money you don’t spend.” — Dan Potter, owner, Energy Audits of Chicagoland


Reduction in energy usage has a direct impact on the amount of carbon emissions and other harmful gases produced.  Energy Audits of Chicagoland can tell you exactly how much your home impacts the planet today, and quantify the effects of any proposed improvements. Read about how real customers reduced their carbon footprint.


An energy audit will identify why some rooms in your home are too warm while others may be too cool. Energy Audits of Chicagoland will provide you an easy-to-understand report with practical answers to solve the comfort issues in your home. 


Should you upgrade your windows? What type of insulation should you use? Know the payback of your investments before you spend the money.  Energy Audits of Chicagoland can help you decide which investments to make, and which do not make sense.

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