When To Get An Energy Audit

How do you know when to get an energy audit? Below are just some of the reasons people call us.

When You Want To Save Money – People are constantly surprised by the results of energy audits.   Most houses have some low-cost solutions with great payback and return-on-investment numbers. Homes over 15 years old stand to save the most.

“For customers that state energy savings as their goal, we will only perform tests that will likely reveal solutions that will save more than the cost of the audit and the improvements within the expected ownership.” – Dan Potter, Owner, Energy Audits of Chicagoland

Before You Sell (or Buy) a Building –  A certified energy audit makes your house stand out from the crowd when you are selling your home. Lower utility costs allow buyers to feel comfortable with a larger mortgage.  When buying, insist on a professional energy audit to be sure you know what your energy costs will be.  You no longer do you have to trust owner-supplied utility costs.

Before (and After) You Remodel – An energy audit will provide information to analyze each remodeling option. Should I upgrade the windows? Choose a different type of insulation?  With the Energy Audits of Chicagoland you can determine payback periods and return-on-investment for each option. Ask your contractor to include a follow-up audit after the work is done to ensure you got what you ordered.


Before You Make Energy-Related Improvements – Before you spend thousands of dollars on windows, doors, insulation or other energy improvements be sure you are going to get the type of return you are expecting.  Avoid wasting money that still does not provide you with the results you were expecting. Energy Audits of Chicagoland’s sophisticated software to give you payback periods and return-on-investment information on each of your possible improvement scenarios so you can prioritize your home improvement list.

When You Want To Help the Environment – Reduction in energy usage has a direct effect on the amount of carbon emissions produced.   And energy audit will tell you exactly how much your building currently impacts the planet and give you precise CO2 reductions you can achieve with several possible improvement scenarios.

To Achieve More Comfort –  Is your home too drafty? Are there cold spots in your home? Hot spots? Many houses have areas that do not have the same comfort level as the rest of the house. Have an expert identify the exact solution before you spend unwisely.

To Avoid Giving Money to the Utilities, To Consider Alternative Energy Sources – For many people, reducing their dependency on the utility monopolies brings great personal satisfaction. Some want to consider alternative energy sources. An energy audit outlines the best method of achieving those goals based on your building, your utility suppliers and your budget.

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