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Energy Audits of Chicagoland Opens to Save Energy and Money for Chicago Area Homeowners

Company Launches Operations Serving the Chicago Area

ELMHURST, IL, APRIL 20, 2010 – Chicago area residents spend more than eight percent more for electricity than the national average, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Energy Audits of Chicagoland ( was launched to help Chicago area homeowners combat this statistic.  Energy Audits of Chicagoland provides home energy audits designed to help reduce a home’s carbon emissions, save money on energy bills, and eliminate areas in the home that are too hot or too cold.

“Improving a home’s energy efficiency is one of the best investments you can make today,” said Daniel Potter, managing director and owner of Energy Audits of Chicagoland.  “While all homes can become more energy efficient, older homes (built before 1965) have the potential for very sizable energy savings, and often for very small investments.”

The U.S. Department of Energy suggests an energy audit as the first step in reducing your energy bills, and offers numerous incentives and tax credits for improving the energy efficiency of your home.  A professional energy audit uses high-tech diagnostic tools, a systemic inspection, and analytical software to provide a complete energy analysis of a home.  An audit will determine how much energy your home consumes, where your house is losing energy, and suggest very specific ways to improve energy efficiency.  An Energy Audits of Chicagoland audit provides accurate energy savings for each potential home improvement, the payback period, and return-on-investment specific to your home. 

“While each home is different, it is not unusual to find improvements that save nearly a thousand dollars a year, with about that much investment,” continued Potter.  “If the homeowner remains in their home for three years they will recoup triple what was invested; an annualized return of over 66%.”

There are three main reasons homeowners conduct an audit:

1)      To save money. Homeowners are often surprised at the number of simple, inexpensive changes an energy audit can identify to help save hundreds of dollars a year.

2)      To address comfort issues. Homes often have areas that are too cold or too warm. An energy audit will identify the most cost effective ways to improve comfort in your home.

3)      To help the environment. Many homeowners are looking to reduce energy use as a way to help our environment. An energy audit can identify ways to reduce dependency on traditional utility companies and reduce a home’s overall environmental footprint.

“With the real estate market starting to show signs of life again, we are also seeing home sellers invest in a certified energy audit to be able to stand out in a crowded sellers’ market,” continued Potter.  According to a survey by the National Association of Realtors, 46 percent of all buyers consider energy efficiency very important, and another 46 percent consider it at least somewhat important.

About the Company

Energy Audits of Chicagoland ( is a premier supplier of residential and small commercial energy analysis in the Chicago area. Specializing in older homes, Energy Audits of Chicagoland provides the most comprehensive and accurate audit available in order to help homeowners save money, protect the environment, and prioritize home-improvement projects to provide the greatest return-on-investment.   As an independent diagnostic firm, Energy Audits of Chicagoland has complete objectivity from specific products or services to recommend the best solution for the homeowner.  Trained at Kansas Building Science Institute, inspectors at Energy Audits of Chicagoland are certified by the U.S. Department of Energy as an ENERGY STAR Partner, certified by the industry-leading Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET), and certified as Home Tune-Up® Inspectors. Energy Audits of Chicagoland is fully insured and members of the Energy and Environmental Ratings alliance and the Midwest Renewable Energy Association.

Energy Audits of Chicagoland Managing Director and Owner Daniel Potter has worked in the home-improvement and residential energy industry for more than twenty-five years, driven by a commitment to help homeowners through reliable and high-quality service.  Previous experience includes Owens Corning, HOMExperts division, (home automation superstore), founder of 1-800-CONTRACTOR (now part of ServiceMagic), and Siding-1/Windows-1.  Today, Potter believes the single most important improvement you can make to your home is to improve its energy efficiency.  Potter resides with his wife and two sons in River Forest, Illinois.

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