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Clients and Media Provide Testimonials

The following are actual testimonials from clients and media on the services provided by Energy Audits of Chicagoland and the importance of the energy audit.


“Quite possibly this service saved me thousands of dollars and man hours. The insulation approach I was thinking of doing in the garage to help with my upstairs bedrooms would not have fixed where the heat leaks were actually occurring. Without this service, I would never have determined the infrastructure insulation problem in my garage.”

“I appreciated the thoroughness. I feel he really looked all over my home for ways to save me money, big and small. The prioritized list of improvements was great.”

“There were definitely some surprises. I had anticipated that replacing my old windows or insulating my uninsulated walls would have been the next step for energy savings.  I was delighted that he found many places were I could save money, with a better payback, and a lot easier on my pocketbook.   He found places to save money I would not have thought of.”

“I was looking at getting my siding redone and all of the installers touted that a whole house wrap would translate into bundles of energy savings.  The whole house fan service (air infiltration test) and energy audit provided by Energy Audits of Chicagoland identified many other areas of leakage far worse than what was occurring in my outside walls.”

“The first step in getting the correct return on your investment is making sure you understand what is really causing the problem.  A pinpoint evaluation of heat leaks like this service provides is the only way to proceed.”

“I was impressed with your knowledge of all aspects of maintaining a home and that you were very generous with your time.”

“It was great that he did not have anything else that he sold, just diagnosis. I knew he would be looking out for solutions that were the best for me and my goals.”

“The photos in the report were very helpful to understand the issues and solutions. It was great that he delivered the report in person. We were able to look at some of the areas listed in the report so I fully understood what he was explaining.”

“As I was sitting in the basement during the whole house fan (blower door)  test, I could feel a wind coming through the walls and blowing through my hair due to poor insulation.  I knew right then the money I was spending would be easily saved in future insulation activities.  My hair was literally being blown around.”


Read what the media and other government agencies are saying about energy auditing.

“An assessment could help you lower heating bills by almost half the cost.”

“Energy assessment is particularly appealing to homeowners who want to lower their bills and help the environment at the same time.”  The New York Times

“A home energy audit is often the first step in making your home more efficient” – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency & U.S. Department of Energy

“An energy audit figures out where your energy dollar is going, and how to spend it better.”  CNN

 “…homeowners are investing in home energy audits, for a comprehensive view of what can be done to increase efficiency…” The Wall Street Journal

“These [energy] audits help homeowners identify energy losses and offer ideas to correct them.” The Washington Post

“But you have to consider here the old axiom that it’s worth what you pay for it. If energy audits are free, they’re probably not going to be all that helpful. There’s really no substitute for someone visiting your home and verifying the condition of everything.”  Mother Earth News

“…Home energy audits have become one tool that homeowners can use to cut energy costs and save big.”  Chicago Tribune

“Call a professional energy auditor.” Consumer Reports

“…homeowners are looking for ways to cut costs.  But it’s often hard to know where to start.  That’s where an energy auditor comes in.” USA Today

“One easy way to keep utility bills in check is to do a home-energy audit.” Inc. Magazine

“When it comes to bang for the eco-buck, it’s all about cutting consumption… A good way to start, experts say, is to spend a few hundred dollars on an energy audit …” SmartMoney

“Ask the experts for an energy audit of your home.” Time Magazine

“Learn how to identify energy problem areas and point to solutions with a home performance energy audit.” Better Homes & Gardens

“Nearly every homeowner can benefit from a home energy audit.”  Mother Earth News

“52 Ways to Improve the World:  #1. Conduct an energy audit of your home or business …”

 “…pinpointing the source of the leaks can be tricky. That’s where energy auditors—professional inspectors who track down wasted energy—can help.” ABC News

“Consider hiring an energy auditor first.” This Old House Journal

“Draft reduction within a home can lower energy costs anywhere from 5% to 30% annually.”  U.S. Department of Energy

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