How Much Can I Save?

A common question is: “How much can I save with an energy audit?”  Below are some examples of actual homes audited by Energy Audits of Chicagoland, and the costs and savings (real and expected) resulting from the improvements the audit identified.  

These examples were chosen because they represent fairly common situations; we did not include some of the more extreme savings examples…but we are happy to tell you about them!

Real Customers ~ Real Savings

The owner of this 1912 Bungalow invested $1,650 in improvements (including the cost of the audit), and realizes a 16% reduction in energy use, the equivalent of recycling 9.5 tons of glass each year.  Read More About This 1912 Bungalow.


This 1889 Victorian has original windows and now insulation in the walls.  The homeowner invested $989 in improvements (including the cost of the audit), and saved $804 in gas and electric the first year alone.  Read More About This 1889 Victorian.


The homeowner of this 1950’s brick ranch home expects to stay in this home at least six years. The homeowner invested $1,355 in air infiltration improvements and an energy audit. The savings expected during the occupation of the home is $3,235.  The carbon footprint savings is equivalent to 2.6 hybrid cars, verus similar non-hybrid models.  Read More About This 1950s Brick Ranch.


The homeowner of this 2-1/2 story 1920’s four-square wanted to invest in the home they planned to stay in for 15 years.  They invested $12,988 primarily in a new furnace, and insulation. This investment realizes a 33% reduction in energy usage, reducing their carbon footprint by 24,684 pounds annually, the equivalent impact of nearly 10 hybrid cards.  Read More About This 1920s Four Square. 


This four-square home built in the 1890s had an addition added in the 1980s.  This homeowner, planning to stay in the home at least another 12 years, invested $4,597 and expects $11,007 in savings during their time in the home.  They will reduce their energy use by 15%, and reduce their carbon footprint by 7,820 pounds annually. Read More About this 1890s Four Square 

* For privacy and security reasons, the real photos of our customers’ homes are not used. Stock photos of similar homes have been substituted.

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