Room Too Cold? Get the RIGHT Answers.

If parts of your home are not the same temperature, there can be many possible reasons, and many possible solutions. It can be a challenge to get a complete picture of what is happening and a good understanding of the options to fix the problem.

First, who do you call?  The heating guy? A window company? An insulation company? The heating guy will check your furnace, and will probably try to sell you an updated system. A window company will certainly say it’s your windows. An insulation company seems to always say you need more insulation.

The right answer: An energy auditor.  A professional home energy auditor should be an impartial individual that can find the answers you need.

But even knowing you should call an energy audit company may not be enough. Many energy auditors have little to no training in solving comfort issues. Most energy auditors are not trained at all to look for issues related to the delivery of heat in the home. They may check, for example, the efficiency of the furnace (or boiler) itself, but how much do they check the heat delivery system?

This is important stuff. Choose wisely. A misdiagnosis of a comfort issue can have you spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on work that does not solve the issue.

Energy Audits of Chicagoland personnel all have extensive home improvement background so they understand the structural and framing issues that could be affecting the temperature. They all have additional air flow and heating training to understand the issues that can be helped by tweaking the heat system. They are trained to identify the 13 common structural issues likely to affect comfort, how to test for their impact and the tried-and-true methods to solve each.

Energy audits of Chicagoland auditors can identify all the contributing factors to your “room too cold” issues. They can explain and outline solution options for each contributing factor. Most importantly they can assemble them in priority order based on best-bang-for-the-buck so you have a list you can work your way down, knowing the next uncompleted item is the next best use of your time and money.

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