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Energy Audits of Chicagoland is your one-stop shop for home energy efficiency, providing industry-leading energy audits and home solutions to keep your home at its peak energy efficiency.  Call today for a free estimate > (708) 771-5531.  Or visit our Contact Us page.

    • Are your energy bills are too high?
    • Are certain rooms too cold in the winter, too warm in the summer?
    • Are you looking at alternative energy sources?
    • Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint?

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>Have an OLD HOME?  YES, it can be energy efficient!

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>All I know is my house is TOO COLD! 

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Let Energy Audits of Chicagoland Help

With extensive expertise in vintage homes and construction knowledge, Energy Audits of Chicagoland is exceptionally qualified to help save money and solve comfort issues (e.g., rooms that are too cold, too warm, or drafty) in all homes, new and old.

Energy Audits of Chicagoland has developed industry-leading, easy-to-understand reports, delivered and explained in person. You will understand your home’s energy use with easy-to-follow diagrams of solution suggestions. You can then make the repairs yourself, or we can help you with the solution.  Possible improvement projects (e.g., new windows, new furnace, more insulation, etc.) are computer modeled to give predicted savings, payback and return-on-investment.

Energy Audits of Chicagoland is Home Tune-up certified, KSBI trained, and a member of the Midwest Renewable Energy Association and the Energy and Environmental Ratings Alliance.  Importantly, Energy Audits of Chicagoland is RESNET Certified and BPI Certified. These certifications are some of the most stringent and prestigious certifications available.

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